Successful Boston College Masters of Science in Applied Economics and Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics program expanding online to address global talent shortage.

After three years of data and performance analysis experience in the financial services, market research consulting, and petroleum industries, Stefano Parravano realized that if he were to make a real difference, he would need new skills. “I was already proficient at my work as a data analyst in terms of data collection analysis, and trend insights. And I knew I wanted to go back for my master’s degree, but I wasn’t sure of how to focus my studies,” he said. “At Global Partners, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to present models and analysis to C-suite executives. But I realized that what I needed was to grow my skills in economic thinking and applying analysis more systematically to solve real life problems.”

Mr. Parravano decided that Boston College’s Master of Science in Applied Economics (MSAE) program, which melds deep analytical rigor with practical application in economic research and Big Data, would be ideal to support him.

The MSAE and graduate Data Analytics programs, housed in the Woods College of Advancing Studies at Boston College and led by Dr. Aleksandar Tomic, economist and program director, prepares leaders around the globe to make effective, highly impactful decisions with a deep understanding of Big Data and unwavering commitment to ethics.  Driven by interest from working professionals, the Woods College of Advancing Studies is expanding its successful on-ground program into a fully online format —allowing students to choose which modality they prefer, and providing options to meet students wherever they are in their career.

“Employers are clear that they need employees with significant depth in data and analytics and the ability to apply those skills in a variety of contexts and industries.  We are answering that call with training in deep analytical tools and economic intuition, as well as providing context as to how the tools are used in a variety of situations including financial compliance, private equity, market research, healthcare and policy.  As a result, our students have the opportunity to make exceptional leaders.” said Dr. Tomic.

The BC MSAE program launched in 2015 with the mission of providing an applied, hands-on curriculum to help students tackle real-world problems. To address the needs of both recent college graduates seeking career-enhancing credentials and seasoned professionals who want to shore up skills gaps, students have the option of completing a full Master’s degree in Applied Economics and / or a graduate certificate in Data Analytics.

“The program allows you to learn real-world skills applied to very different situations through an economic lens,” said Elliot Tobin, a recent graduate of the program. “I now work at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond where you need to be paired with an economist to be effective. The Fed doesn’t pair you automatically with an economist—you have to find one. But in my case, two reached out to me. They were interested in me because of the skills I gained in the program.”

“The program helped me improve how I present information, both in terms of organizing information into a professional presentation and in terms of addressing an executive audience,” said Claire Xu, a graduate of the program from China who is currently a Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual in New York. “The faculty provided very specific and detailed feedback on all of my presentations.”

Dr. Tomic works closely with MSAE program faculty, many of whom are top practitioners in their fields, to ensure a cutting-edge curriculum. In addition, Dr. Tomic collaborates with employers including global leaders in industry, non-profit, and governmental agencies. Critical input from these industry leaders ensures the program is aligned with employer needs regardless of industry or geography.

“With the launch of the fully online-option for the M.S. in Applied Economics degree program and the graduate certificate in data analytics, we can now offer maximum flexibility to better meet our learners where they are, while maintaining our standards for a rigorous and personalized learning experience,” said Dr. Tomic. “The fully on-ground option remains important for many of our students, but the ability to take some or all courses online allows us to reach new talent.”

All students have access to career-enhancing opportunities through the Woods College programs and Boston College resources, and as part of the University’s network of more than 180,000 alumni worldwide.

Enrollment is now open for the August 2018 session.